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Madonna dons Moschino gown at Met Gala, poses with Katy Perry


They are not really a stranger when it comes to posing up together. Earlier they caught everyone’s eyes with sexy dominatrix-inspired shoot for V Magazine. At the Met Ball Gala this year, Madonna, now 56, and Katy Perry, now 30, were seen again posing together on the red carpet in cahoots. Both their dresses were made by Jeremy Scott for Moschnio.

The dresses both had graffiti designs scrawled across them, and Madonna just could not stop to get yet another plug in for her album named Rebel Heart. Perry came with US designer Jeremy on her arm and then she posed with Madonna, while the Queen Of Pop also posed with well known music producer Diplo.

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has been romantically connected to Katy Perry, and the duo seemed to be getting on quite famously. Continue reading ‘Madonna dons Moschino gown at Met Gala, poses with Katy Perryrgb’

Shakira – Addicted to You


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Madonna backs Jay Z’s new music streaming service


Madonna, the US pop queen, has rushed to defend hip hop artist Jay Z’s brand new streaming service Tidal, insisting it is this is not about greed and consumption. The “Living For Love” star attended the restart of the 1st major artist-owned platform this week, where she signed a co-ownership declaration along with the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Deadmau5, Nicki Minaj and Calvin Harris.

Music fans started criticizing quickly the multi-millionaire stars for seeking more and more money from the public, instead of coming together to do something selfless. A lot of the artists who were involved turned their Twitter profile pictures blue to raise awareness of the venture.

But, very soon, Madonna hit back at all the Twitter complaints, writing on her Instagram page that Tidal is “about protecting an art form that is beloved to all of us – music”. Continue reading ‘Madonna backs Jay Z’s new music streaming servicergb’

Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce (Music Video) – Yoonha Hwang Piano Cover with lyrics (Official)


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Shakira – Lo Que Más


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Madonna And Bjork Try To Manage The Leaks Of Their New Albums


Last month, nearly 30 new songs of Madonna, including unfinished demos, surfaced online, forcing the singer to react with both emotion and savvy business insight. The pop diva has issued statements on Instagram and compared the leaks with a kind of terrorism, urging the music lovers not to download and listen to songs, which were leaked and incomplete for presentation to the audience.

However, behind the scenes, her team was responding to the situation quickly, seizing every opportunity to locate the source of leak. An investigation resulted in the detainment of a person in Israel on January 21. This also gave the perfect opportunity for the announcement of her latest album “Rebel Heart”. Within few days, 6 songs from her album had been rebuffed and released officially for sale on Amazon and iTunes, while the rest are scheduled to release on March 10. Continue reading ‘Madonna And Bjork Try To Manage The Leaks Of Their New Albumsrgb’

Urban Explosion – Beyoncé Music!


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Jedward’s new video features Tara Reid


Recently, Cee Lo Green spoke out in Bill Cosby’s defense, but that did not surprise anyone. Cee lo, the former coach of The Voice, who declared no contest for drugging a lady’s drink this year. Recently he spoke to a leading entertainment website and said that Cosby is guilty aren’t being “fair.”

In his comment Green added that he has not told anything and is also to some an admission of guilt, as well. It just does not appear fair any way you slice it. You could not defend yourself in that regard. You just have to let facts be facts and so on and so forth. The facts have to speak the loudest.

He further carried on that with this being said, none of this appears fair really. For any victim, on course, in the situation it is really very unfair. It is not for her to judge him. Definitely, he could not judge him. It is just unfortunate because he is beloved to many.

The lady who claimed that Cee lo Green drugged her drink also accused him of sexual assault.  The prosecutors, later, concluded that there was no sufficient evidence for a charge. Later, the music producer took to Twitter and said: “Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Several 20+ ladies have stated that Bill Cosby raped them and he gave them medical pills before the assault.

Top 10 Non-Stop Shakira Bhangra & Dance Mix Songs || Jukebox || Platinum Melody`s of – 2014


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Rowdy Rebel talks Epic Deal, Jay Z, Beyonce, Music Goals & more!!


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